Enter the world of Magic Lands:

1. The Story Begins | 2. The Story Continues | 3. The Truth Be Told

The world of Doamanse has many lands, many peoples. Ray, a young village boy, knows nothing of these lands or peoples. He only knows what he must do, what those who have gone before him have done. He must prove to himself and to his people that he is no longer a child, that he is a man. He must do this by undertaking the right of passage of his people.
According to the village elder, Ray must set out at once on the journey of manhood. He warns Ray that his dark dreams may take him farther than anyone expects. For you see, Ray dreams of far away peoples and places–places neither he nor his people have ever seen before. And he dreams of the wizard–the high wizard of Adalayia.
What this means for Ray, none can say. But one fact is known. Ray must first journey to the place lost and deep. The place where the bulls and slithers gather. "Beware lashing tail and gnashing teeth," the village elder warns Ray when he sets out, "and if Old Bull doesn't get you, the slithers surely will."

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